Speechless Released, Store Launch, Tickets, E.P. and More!

February 22, 2013

The band is working hard to bring you the music you’ve been asking for! You can now hear Speechless on the band’s website and at ReverbNation!

The Band’s first 6-Track Self-Titled E.P., including singles Long Way Down and Speechless, will be released this March and will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music, cdBaby, and more!  An autographed Limited Edition of the E.P. CD will also be available in the Hero?Shop later in March as they become available.

“We’re extremely excited about getting our music out there.” Guitarist Christian Miranda told me, “We have been waiting a really long time for this, and it feels good to know what we worked so hard for is becoming a reality!”


The guys move into a new rehearsal space next week in order to work hard and prepare for their upcoming shows.  A total of 3 additional shows have been added ahead of their originally scheduled debut on May 24 at Avant Garden.“​

We set the debut for May so we would make sure we sounded just right,” Bassist Matthew Tawfiq , continued, “we’ve worked so hard, continue to work hard, and we’re all ready to be on a stage.”




Drive, chemistry, and encouraging management is the boundary pushing recipe that’s forced these guys to go beyond artificial limits.  Lead vocalist Hunter Story, annoyed by the ideas of limits and boundaries, told me if there ever were limits, they were just meant to be broken.

Methehero.com launched the Hero?Shop today to begin selling tickets to the March 30th B.F.E. Show.  Those tickets are on sale for only $8.00 a ticket.  In addition to show tickets, the store will be adding the Self-Titled E.P. and Limited Edition E.P. as well as t-shirts and other gear as supplies become available. 

The store, at the insistence of the band, will also feature a special donation button to accept donations for the band’s Ronald McDonald House Charities Fund.  “There is no point in doing everything we do if we aren’t giving back.” Nick Raver (Drums) and Tony Eddy (Guitars) said.

The buck doesn’t stop there.  The guys are set to shoot the music video to Long Way Down in March with Director Alex Hernandez of Aventography Studios,  and just like their music, they are expecting to deliver only the best quality.  More details on the Music Video and its release to come.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets in the Hero?Shop today!! Pre-Sale tickets will be available until March 20th, and will be $10.00 at the door. 

- Donna Jenkins, Staff Writer methehero.com


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