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Inside Look: ECLIPSE Major Label Audition, PCP Management & Amanda Boone

April 3, 2013

ECLIPSE, still unsigned, made it to the top of national charts, breaking Number 1 on Reverb Nation’s National Metal Chart.  Boone, who proudly claims her  bands are her children,  believed they were ready for something bigger.    She arranged for them to showcase in a label audition,  which

PCP Management (PCP)​, Houston’s premier Band and Talent Management Company has brought College Station band, ECLIPSE, to the next level.  On Monday April 1st, 2013, ECLIPSE had the opportunity to audition for Jeff Blue, of Atlantic Records.

ECLIPSE: A Long Way In A Short Time

ECLIPSE ​came together late last year under the guise of lead vocalist Andrew Ferguson, a long time singer, musician, and PhD Candidate at Texas A&M University.  Being together only a short time, Owner/Talent Coordinator of PCP Management, Amanda Boone recognized their talents, and took them under her wing. 

Boone introduced ECLIPSE to the real Houston music scene.  Their exposure increased exponentially and their recognition sky rocketed in mere months.

would be in front of several major label representatives.  Among those representatives was none other than Jeff Blue of Atlantic Records; the same company that signed Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and so many more.

The audition was a success.  “No million dollar deal just yet, BUT WE MAY HAVE WORKED OUT SOMETHING BETTER WITH A SISTER LABEL THATS MORE OUR GENRE!!!!” ECLIPSE told Facebook fans, “Watch the skies friends, you just may see an ECLIPSE!!”  Ferguson said the audition was intense and pushed them to their very limits, but that it was a great experience.

Boone’s work goes far beyond music and talent management, she also has a deep passion for animals and animal rescue.  From PCP Management, she developed PCP’s Most Wanted, a Facebook Forum dedicated to finding homes, foster, transport, and rescue for animals in need.  Proceeds from PCP events often benefit PCP’s Most Wanted and related rescue and adoption agencies.

PCP's Most Wanted continues to grow quickly, accepting donations of money, food, and time.  Pictured to the right is Bouncer.  A personal rescue of Boone's that was brutally shot that has gone through an traumatic and amazing recovery in the last three months thanks to the support of bands and members of PCP's Most Wanted.

Pictured: ECLIPSE Lead Vocalist Andrew Ferguson and guitarist Jason Turner Performing at B.F.E. LOUD-N-TEXAS March 30,2013

Although they did not get the grand prize deal with Atlantic Records, they are entertaining offers from a sister label that is more in tune to their metal genre.  Boone and Ferguson are keeping details of that deal top secret.  Like ECLIPSE’s Facebook page for up to date information on their Label Deal.

Pictured: ECLIPSE Performing at B.F.E. LOUD-N-TEXAS March 30, 2013

Amanda Boone & PCP Management

Boone loves  her  children, and  wants nothing but  the best for  them.   Tired of seeing bands     getting    screwed   over   by   greedy    careless    promoters,   she   started    PCP.

Although the company started small, it quickly grew into what it is today.  Boone and her associates manage 13 bands and work with several Greater Houston Area venues regularly, getting her band’s maximum exposure.

“I love my kids, I don’t want their money, it’s their money, they earned it,” Boone told me, “My goal is to get them to the next level.” Boone consistently promotes her band’s to the top of music charts, locally, regionally, and nationally, but she doesn’t do it on her own, she expects

the bands to work as well.  “I put my bands to work, and they work.  It’s that simple.”

The Keystone of her business strategy is maximum exposure, how she does it is her secret.  “Most new bands have to look long and hard for a chance to perform,” Matthew Tawfiq of newcomers to PCP,  Me, the Hero? told me, “it’s not often that a new band can look 3 months to the future and be completely booked, and still be adding shows!”

Pictured: Amanda Boone

PCP’s talents span the gamut, from Folk Music artists such as Robin Kirby to Metal bands like ECLIPSEPCP recently took on bands Scienter, and Me, the Hero? with the same goals and ambitions they have for ECLIPSE.  Check out their Reverb Nation pages for music and schedules, and contact Amanda Boone of PCP Management for booking.  – Donna Jenkins, Staff Writer

Pictured: Scienter

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