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Hass (Bass)

"Keep Calm & Chive On"
August 28, 1986 - 26

Rig: Ibanez SR600 and SR605, Behringer BX4500H amp Full Stack
Instruments:  Bass, Drums
Favorite music genre:
Anything  and everything... Except Kesha

Favorite Band/Musician: Gary Allan
Musical influences:
Rise Against, theOffspring, Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, SugarCult, PapaRoach
Previous bands:
flatline, ApproachingUnknown, theBellCurve

Matt joined Me, The Hero? early in its development stages to play bass.  When he agreed to join the project, he was not sure what to expect, and will admit he is shocked its come so far so quickly.  He has, however, changed his outlook, and recognizes

the possibilities are endless. "I'm glad to be a Hero, and I'm excited for the future.  I have no doubts, we're going places."


Although heavily involved in the community and in school, his passions have always lied in music.  He's played drums all of his life and picked up bass in high school, he's been a member of several bands and lives for the music.

When asked his favorite musician or band, Matt begrudgingly answered he likes "everything: rock, rap, country, classical, I like everything... Except Kesha.  I can't stand that talentless waste of space named Kesha."  He hates Kesha.  When pressed further, he admitted if he had to choose one person, it would be Gary Allan.  Matt says that although he would never limit himself to liking one artist or one genre, he likes to listen to music he can relate to, and Gary Allan is definitely something he can relate to.

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