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On February 4, 2013, Me, the Hero? made its initial donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Me, the Hero? stands for actually being a Hero, and intends to develop a long standing relationship and commitment to Ronald McDonald Charities.

Although starting small with a mere $25.00 donation, the band's dreams are big.  "This donation isn't just a sign of our

commitment to a charity, but our commitment to the community as a whole," said Matthew Tawfiq, bassist for Me, the Hero?  Dreaming big and looking to the future, the band and its members plan to always remember and emphasize giving back and giving a hand.

"After all, that's what being a Hero is all about," Nick Raver told us.  The band plans on announcing the launch of the Be a Hero fan site later this year, a pay for membership fan site from which they intend to donate 50% of all proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Members of the band refused to comment on details of the fan site, as they have not all been determined as of yet.

Uncertain what the future may hold, one thing is clear, Me, the Hero? is here to rock, and here to help, and here to be a Hero.

To donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities, please visit now.

- Donna Jenkins, MtH Staff Writer.

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