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Guitarist Tony Eddy Arrested!

The rumors are all true, as guitarist Tony Eddy hinted on his Facebook, and leaked on the band’s page, he was arrested on Friday April 11th! “But Donna, what for!?” Well, the answer to that Heroes, is absolutely nothing!

Here is the story: At around 6 p.m. on Thursday Tony was pulled over because the temporary tags on his brand new 1995 Saturn SC1 were expired, he had the new license plates, but had not put them on yet. The officer said he would issue him a warning, however when he came back to Tony’s window, Tony was asked to exit the vehicle, and put under arrest.

Tony made a few quick calls, his parents, Matt, Nick, and me. He told us he was going to jail for warrants that were years old that he was sure he had taken care of. The entire band was put into a panic. They had no idea what they were going to do without their guitarist, and imagined only the absolute worst… Tony was going to be raped in prison and would never be the same person again.

Cops were called. Lawyers were called. Parents were called. All anyone knew is that he was arrested for old warrants for an expired inspection and a failure to appear. Speaking to the officer, a band member that preferred not to be named plead with for a non-custodial arrest to avoid having to pay bail, but the officer wouldn’t have it.

The panicked wait began. Nobody knew where Tony was and no one could find details about his warrants. Not the lawyers, not the courts, no one. As it turned out, on his arrival to the Cypresswood Precinct 4 Police Station, he found out, as he believed, there were no warrants… the arrest was based on a computer error which misinformed the officer and his dispatcher that the warrants on Tony, taken care of in 2011, were still outstanding. The only people not panicked were Tony himself - as evidence by his Facebook posts prior to giving up his phone, and manager Amanda Boone, who laughed when she found out what was going on. "Of course its something stupid," Amanda laughed after finding out about his arrest was over an expired inspection, "Tony wouldn't actually do something dumb enough to get him into real trouble."

Of course, being in custody, Tony was unable to call any of his panicking friends know what was going on. To make matters worse, the precinct Tony was being held at is not allowed to release arrestees. By protocol he was denied a phone call until he was transported to the Harris County Jail Downtown. Finally, around 10 p.m. he got his phone call. He called Matt and Nick and told them that the sanctity of his anus had not been violated by that time, and that he would be released in the morning after he is able to see a judge to invalidate the arrest.

That morning at 9 a.m., Tony was released and picked up by Matt.

“I didn’t sleep at all that night. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t drink from the water fountain that was attached to the toilet, I didn’t have a cigarette for 14 hours, and all I had to eat was a ham and cheese sandwich that they gave me around 3 a.m.,” Tony continued, “I spent the night sitting on a bench next to a man that beat his girlfriend, and another man that had beat his wife, and I kept my mouth shut.”

“Tony has been acting really different since I picked him up that morning.” Matt added. “We’re just glad he’s out and everything is okay.”

The band continues to question the sanctity of Tony’s anus since his traumatic arrest experience.

However, the band has announced the arrest would not affect their current schedule, and are still set to play the Clear Falls Music Festival this Saturday night, April 20th, at 10 p.m. –Donna Jenkins, Staff Writer –

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