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It has been an exciting and riveting Summer for Me, the Hero? from an exciting debut show at Dean's on Main to an amazing show with the Houston Chivers for Chive Tuesday at Sam's boat. And now the band facing its biggest challenge - a reality TV competition, American Talent Hunters National Battle of the Bands!

The Summer kicked off with a bang on May 24th with the band's "Official Debut" at Dean's Downtown. With over 90+ in attendance, Dean's was packed both inside and out and the guys put on a rockin' show! They spent the rest of the weekend rocking Super Happy Fun Land and the Hawg Stop. "It was a 3-day trip, now we know what a tour is going to be like, one of us is going to end up dead." Said Nick, jokingly I might add. Hot heads no doubt prevailed after the band spent 3 days straight doing nothing but playing shows, but it was all fun for the young band.

Me, the Hero? moved on to rock out the Crossroads Stage at House of Blues, but the night did not go exactly as planned. The guys hooked up with a group of their own, Chivers, a group of people from all walks of life who all have two things in common: They love to party and they love to raise money for charity. The guys, always looking for a way to give back arranged to donate all ticket sale proceeds to Chive Charities dedicated to the families of the 4 Houston Firefighters who lost their lives in the large hotel fire May 31st. With over 60 in attendance, Me, the Hero? was cut short, by the promoter who fled with the charity's money, claiming that no tickets were sold at the door were for Me, the Hero?

Boldly, and admittidly stupidly from the stage, Matthew Tawiq called out the promoter and now former PCP assistant manager James Robayo asking why they were being cut off early and what happened to the money. Not responding to Robayo's threats to drop it and get back on stage, the band fronted the money that was promised to the charity from door sales: $120.00 that was never returned to them by Robayo. "We founded this band on the premise of always be giving and charitable, and we aren't going to let sleezy promoters get in the way of us doing that." Tawfiq told me in an interview. "Do we want to be rich and famous one day? Sure we do, but we also want to make sure we are always giving it back, and always paying it forward." The band raised approxiately $495.00 for the Chive Charities that night, according to posts on the Houston Chiver's Facebook Page.

Of course not everything is fun and games for these guys. Well, yeah it is, they took me along for an exciting and funfilled ride at Six Flags Over Texas! It was nothing short of a riot, and it is confirmed that the band will be playing there Labor Day Weekend, August 31st. So if you live in the Dallas area and you're looking for some fun, come out to Six Flags Over Texas and check the guys out on the Back Porch Stage of Six Flags Over Texas!​

The guys really brought the house down last week at Sam's Boat. "It was by far our most exciting show ever!" Frontman Hunter Story said, "We love our fans, especially all our Chivers out there!" The band played a 2 hour set in front of the most high energy crowd they've had to date. The end result being a very excited band, and two broken deck boards, but nobody was complaining!

Chive Tuesday. an event, hosted Allied Marketing & Promotions and the Houston Chivers, raised $1100 for the Bellaire Optimist Club. "We are glad that thanks to encouragement from our manager [Amanda Boone of PCP Management] and the support of such great organization [Houston Chivers] we are able to be part of something so generous and giving," Drummer Nick Raver told me.

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