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Me, the Hero? Rocks the Houston Chivers Unofficial Meetup!

Last Saturday, November 23, 2013, Me, the Hero? rocked the Houston Chivers Unofficial Meetup. They rocked it so hard that vocalist, Hunter Story, managed to burn out TWO PA systems, that is TWO (with a capital T, capital W, and capital O) PA systems running only vocals before the set was over!!

Me, the Hero? got to share the stage with J.B. Barnett and headliner A.D. from 94.5 theBuzz. This wasn't only a badass show, it was an unofficial meetup, and more important than the show was the charity. The Houston Chivers have not announced the amount of money raised for Chive Charities yet, but all the proceeds raised from the event, which include proceeds from raffle ticket sales, t-shirt sales, silent auction items, and a percentage of bar sales will be in the final tally.

The event, hosted by the Houston Chivers, was an all volunteer and donation event. 30+ volunteers helped organize the event that was attended by hundreds. Me, the Hero? was glad to perform the event, donated merchandise to the raffle, and proceeds from all merch and E.P. sales were added to the donations for Chive Charities.

"We are Chivers," guitarist Anthony Eddy said, "we've dedicated a massive portion of our proceeds to Chive Charities through the Houston Chivers since May, and will continue to do so.

It's true, the guys have done all they can to help raise funds for Chive Charities and other local charities by playing charity events and donating proceeds to Chive Charities or local charity groups such as the HFD Firefighter Fund.

Help those in need, giving, that is what Me, the Hero? is all about." Bassist Hassan Tawfiq continued, "Getting to play in front of a huge crowd of Chivers... that's just a huge bonus for us!"

Keep Calm & Chive On! - Donna Jenkins, Staff Writer,

Photo Credit: Thomas Shimer

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