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Welcome to the Year of You!!!

After all that you have done for us and those we love and support in such a short time, it is time for us to repay the favor. Welcome to Me, the Hero?'s Year of You!!

This year, instead of releasing a full length album, we decided to release 12 new tracks. The Year of You? We'll be releasing the songs across various platforms, but the bottom line is, we are releasing these tracks for free!

Be on the lookout for a new track to be released at the end of every month, composing the 12 tracks of our first full length album, "The Year of You" in December 2014. "Sincerity" is available now!

Why are we doing this? From the beginning, Me, the Hero? was dedicated to the fans. We're not in music for fortune, we're in music to be heard. As we set out to release this completely free album, 12 songs in 12 months, we dedicate it to you. All we ask is that you share our music and help us get heard!

We would like to reaffirm our dedication to Chive Charities as well. Last year we donated much of our proceeds to Chive Charities throught he Houston Chivers. This year we will open our own account with Chive Charities as well, and all proceeds from the sale of KCHO gear and tickets will continue to be donated to Chive Charities throughout 2014.

KCCO! Sincerely,

Hunter Story, Anthony Eddy, Nick Raver, Chris Miranda, H.M. Tawfiq

Download for free here!! Or go directly to Reverb Nation or SoundCloud

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