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Tony (Guitar)

"P-obody's N-erfect"
Birthday/age: Sept 23 1985 - 27

Rig: Peavy VK100, PRS SE Singlecut
Instruments: Guitar, Bass
Favorite music genre: All Music
Favorite Band/Musician: Too hard to pick just one
Musical influences: A Skylit Drive, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Rise Against, AFI
Previous bands: Lowlife POS, Defected, True Story, Clubhouse For Ivy, Eliza Reign​

Tony first picked up the guitar at the age of 15. Once that first string was plucked Tony knew what he was destined to do. Learning as much as he could and jamming with as many different people as he could gave Tony many different influences.

Genres that range from Metal all the way to Country, Tony has done it all. Co-founding Me, The Hero? in 2012, Tony reached deep inside himself to discover what it was about music that truly made him happy. What he found was that there is nothing compared to hitting the stage, studio, or practice room with your best friends and playing music that is not only catchy enough to have the whole band singing along, but also has enough energy to really portray the personalities of everyone in the band. Tony feels that he has finally found that perfect "mesh".

Hass (Bass)

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